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Anima Icesculpt

  • Cryo-Toning and Thermal Shock Therapy
  • Freeze your Fat Away and Tone your Body
  • Thermal Shock – Slimming Treatment Theory

Anima Icesculpting


The Icesculpt Slimming treatment consists of 3 consecutive steps, that provide a drastic contrast between hot and cold temperatures to create what is called “Thermal Shock”. This stressful condition helps to stimulate fat cell apoptosis (or cell death) which is a naturally occurring sequence that happens that is aided by the lymphatic system.

During the Icesculpt treatment you will experience a localized warming sensation, that is followed by a deep cold sensation that is accompanied by massage. This wil help to bring the fat cells closer to the surface with heat and then they can be crystalized with the deeep cold temperature. Which creates cell death. The treated fat cells will be eliminated from the body with the help of the Lymphatic System for the 15 days following the treatment.

You will notice immediate inch reduction, which is caused by lymph and blood decentralization, and tension in the treated area. To achieve optimal and long-lasting results it is recommended to do at least 4-6 sessions per area treated.



Anima IceSculpt The Cool Body-Sculpting IceSculpt is a new type of slimming technology that uses direct contact cold and Hot temperature changes to stimulate more fat reduction than traditional cryolipolysis that only uses cold temperatures. The best part is that it does so in a safe way that does not damage or compromise the skin. IceSculpt features two hand-pieces that allow for treatments on the face and body. IceSculpt has 2 modes, cold massage toning mode and slimming mode. Both treatments are extremely comfortable for your client and never compromise skin health. The built-in modes do automatically switch from hot-cold-hot, but the therapist has full control of the temperature.


Only consumable is conductive Gel

Can be used on face and body

Can do Cold massage and Hot-Cold-Hot



$250 per session, *SPECIAL* Buy 4 sessions , get the 5th session fee. Includes a free training session ar Pro Body Fitness

$100 per session, *SPECIAL – Buy 4 sessions, get 2 FREE sessions.

$50 per session. *SPACIAL* – Buy 4 sessions, get 2 FREE sessions

Measurable Results

Thermal Shock Fat Loss

• Thermal Shock packages must be used during prescribed treatment regimne.
• Toning specials must be used within a 2 month period from time of purchase.


Now available at Royson Family Chiropractic, Bayville, New Jersey Office.